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Fraud Prevention

In most of the cases, fraudulent transactions were made from customers whose computers were compromised. In other words, computers were infected by malicious software, including Trojan horse programs, key loggers and other spoofing techniques, allowing thieves to steal account log-in information. Illicitly obtained credentials were then used to initiate fraudulent transactions (including wire transfers) and take over customers' accounts.

First General Bank is committed to providing you a secure online banking environment. In this regard, we have adopted such security procedures as an in-person enrollment policy, multi-factor authentication, strong/complex password requirement.

However, safe online banking cannot be assured without the safe practices by the online banking user. We would like to share with you some of the secure online practices. As an online banking user, adopting these and other online security practices will help protect your information, your computer, even yourself. So, please:

  • Use up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software and firewall.
  • Do NOT share passwords.
  • Log off computer after each use.
  • Do NOT open, click on links or open attachments, in email which you are not certain of its source. First General Bank will NEVER send you unsolicited e-mail or text messages to request for your personal information, or to reconfirm your user code or password.
  • Do NOT click on unsolicited Pop-Up ads or “warnings” while online.
  • Do Not send sensitive/personal information via e-mail.

Ensuring your account security is a top priority for First General Bank. Working together we can help keep you and your account information safer. You can do your part by keeping in mind the following safeguards:

  1. Check your monthly statements to ensure they match your recollection and your other records. If you have online access, check them frequently. If at any time you notice any discrepancies between your statements and your other records, please notify us immediately.
  2. Never give out account numbers or other personal financial information, unless you can validate the authenticity of the requestor. First General Bank will never send out e-mail or text messages requesting for your personal information.
  3. Always shred personal and financial information before discarding it.
  4. Every year, review your credit report. You’re entitled to a free credit report annually.

    Simply contact one of the three main credit reporting bureaus:




Cybersecurity Guide for Business  Cybersecurity Guide for Customers 

You can obtain additional information about protecting your internet and online banking security at

Working together, we can enjoy the efficient and convenience of technology, with minimal risks.